Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Emergent Reader for Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools week is just around the corner (the fun starts at my school on Sunday, January 27!) Celebrate Catholic Schools without missing a moment of valuable instruction time with my newest Interactive Sight Word Reader, "We Learn in a Catholic School". For this book, students cut out, unscramble, and glue letters to spell "in" and complete each predictable sentence (We learn how to ____ in a Catholic School.)
You can grab this Interactive Sight Word Reader for FREE. Click here to download your free copy!


  1. Maria,

    This is awesome!!!! I was just working on my video show for Catholic School Week. It is a lot of work, but my parents love it. I hope to post something here soon.


  2. This is so great. Thanks for sharing. I have to get myself geared up for CSW.