Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teaching Little Ones the Prayers of the Rosary

Hello to All!
I am so excited to be a part of this new collaborative blog for teachers searching for religious materials to share with their students! When Charlotte approached me about being a part of this, I did not hesitate to say "Yes!" It is so difficult to find age appropriate religious material for our littlest learners and I am so happy to share my ideas!

In the Catholic church, October is the month of the rosary. I KNOW that I am super late on sharing this rosary packet, but before I post and share any of my materials, I try it out in my classroom; working out the bugs and mistakes I USUALLY make in my original prototypes! :)

The rosary is such a MYSTERY to little ones. In our school, we pray a living rosary at the beginning of October and then are required to pray at least one decade of the rosary sometime during the month. I want my students to understand and begin to enjoy this beautiful prayer, so I have broken the prayers down into chunks and we take them one prayer at a time and discuss what each prayer means. I assigned a symbol to each prayer: A house and hands for OUR FATHER, Mary and Baby Jesus for HAIL MARY, and a dove for the GLORY BE.

I found a beautiful coloring page of the rosary on the Catholic Mom website. You can find that coloring sheet HERE. I also used Charlotte's BEAUTIFUL drawing of our Holy Mother, Mary in the packet, too!

Click on this image to download a Google doc of the packet.


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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow!  I am bouncing off the couch with excitement!  Cindy from Love Those Kinders has agreed to collaborate with me on this blog.

Love Those Kinders!

You will love her.  She is a Catholic School Kindergarten teacher too.  We met online through our individual blogs.  Now we will be building up the kingdom of God together!

Welcome to Faith Filled Freebies

Celebrate the Year of Faith

This blog was created to share Fun Faith Filled Freebies for Children ages 3 to 7.
I am so excited about this new blog that I had to have a new Freebie posted today.

This is a illustration that I created a few years ago when graphic quality was different than today.
Even though the resolution is not as sharp as I like, I love the message.

If you can use this in your home or classroom, please, feel free to download it.

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If you have any questions, please, email me at mrsbraddok@gmail.com