Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Posters

There is something about the book of Psalms that soothes my soul.  When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I read and reread this encouraging book so much, that I just had to select David as his middle name (his first name is Christopher~ "Christ -bearer"). As we prepare for and anticipate our Thanksgiving celebrations and feasts, I think it's important to prepare our hearts as well.  Here's a verse that I have been meditating on the last few days:

I want to share with you a small set of posters I made to decorate your classroom. Some have Bible verses on them while others are more secular in nature. With my young sons and my primary students, I find Thanksgiving a great time to remind them that we should have a thankful attitude each and everyday!  We begin and end the day with thankful prayers to our gracious and merciful God.   

Click the pic below to grab your free poster set!




  1. Thank you so much Lauren. My oldest son's name is Christopher too! However, is middle name is Lee after his grandfather, who died when my husband was only 11. But was obviously very much loved.


  2. I'm enjoying this, Charlotte! My son does not want to be called "Chris", yet complains that he never has enough room on his kinder papers for his name! LOL Lauren