Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Rosary Resources

This is Maria Manore from Kinder-Craze and I am SO thrilled to be a part of this great collaborative blog for sharing faith-based lessons, activities and resources. I noticed that Cindy (KinderKay) recently shared a great resource for praying the Rosary with her little ones.

I saw her post and felt compelled to share a Rosary resource from my classroom as well. This year I am praying a decade of the Rosary every week with my kindergarten students. We created our own child-friendly Rosaries with pipe cleaners and pony beads. You can read more about the craft here. 

Once the Rosaries were complete, I created a prayer guide for myself to use as I lead the class in prayer (I am not a Rosary expert and need some reminders about the prayers and procedures). I know from personal experience that praying the Rosary can seem intimidating at first (lots of worries about what prayer to say when and what the Mysteries of the Rosary are) so I send a copy of the guide and prayer list to families that may be interested in praying the rosary at home as well.

I have gotten a great response from many Catholic teachers and I hope this prayer guide is helpful to you as well.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Maria,

    This is sooo awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful blog post.