Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep Craft
I don't remember where I got my original template for our paper bag sheep puppets,
but the link above is very similar.  I added a message on the body which said "Feed My Sheep".

Quick Freebie for Math Connection
Free Math counting by 10's from Charlotte's Clips

My objective is to help students see the connection between Peters' three fold denial of Jesus and the resurrection story when Jesus ask Peter 3 times "Do you love" me?

Do You Really Love Me by Carey Landry
Listen to Sample 
Good Shepherd Game
We used white balloons with a sheep faces drawn on them. The children took turns being the good shepherd and guiding the "sheep" back home.  I used some old Christmas decorations for the canes.  Unfortunately the maintance crew threw them away last year. So, I bought new ones 75% after Christmas.  

Some teachers like to do it as a relay race, which is fine.  However, I like to demonstrate how the sheep move easily across to floor with a gentle push like a good shepherd.  I want them to notice that beating the balloon with cane often causes it to fly out of control and makes it harder to lead the sheep home safely home.  As such, we need to be kind and gentle with each other. 

Below are some video clips that may be helpful.  Please, preview clips before using them in class.
Each one is a little different look at the stories of the lost sheep and good shepherd.  

Lost Sheep - Good Shepherd - Sheep know my voice.

Math Connection: good lesson on the importance of counting to 100.

This clip makes a good connection with children in their own life such as the feeling of being lost.

Only Music on this clip, but I love the expressions.  It would be great for retelling the story.
Could also be used to demonstrate the importance of following directions to stay safe.

This version does have a wolf in the story, so check it before showing to very young children.

Interesting connection that the sheep was lured away from the flock by the sight of an apple.

My kinders love this clip.  I mute it when the narrator uses the "s" word, stupid.
After watching the clip, I let the students use canes to pull a stuff animal sheep out of a tunnel.

Finally, We made a short video clip of the children (sheep) following Jesus.  
The children sang and signed the song My Sheep Hear my Voice.
You can listen to a sample below:

Charlotte's Clips and Kindergarten Kids
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. What a cute lesson! I passed it on to the primary teachers at my school. They will LOVE it!!!!!!!

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  2. Angela,

    I am so glad you liked this lesson. Comments like this keep me blogging.


  3. Super cute! I'm going to use this tomorrow :)