Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Stations of the Cross for Young Children

Prayer is an essential ingredient for spiritual growth during 
the Season of Lent.
Download Stations of Cross Powerpoint by Charlotte's Clips 
While the Stations of the Cross is a very powerful form of prayer,
 it can be emotionally intense for tender hearts 
and a long time to stay still and quiet for those wiggly little ones.  

Therefore, I created my own modified Stations of the Cross, 
which we pray in our classroom using a Projector and Powerpoint presentation.  
Later, during Lent I take my students to Church where we walk and pray the Station as a class.
The pictures in this Powerpoint our from our Church, the Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Directions are included on the first slide how to use the Powerpoint.

Here is a video clip of my class 
leading the Stations

Charlotte's Clips and Kindergarten Kids

I Recently found this idea for teaching young Children the Stations of the Cross
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At Three Sided Wheel
Stations of the Cross Box

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  1. I do the Stations of the Cross in my classroom as well. We do one station at a time. The students listen to a story about that station, then we say a prayer and sing the first verse of "Lord, Let me Walk". Due to our busy schedule, it takes almost the entire season for us to cover all of the stations, but my students are always engaged and LOVE learning about each one. Thank you for sharing this great resource!


  2. Nice Stations of the Cross! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    I found your blog through Jennifer's Catholic Inspired Lenten Link Up. Your video clip is so sweet of our students praying the Stations. I had my first grade class do it in our classroom. Fortunately, we are in the school's first grade classroom and they have hand colored stations up on the wall and I had my students take turns stating the station and saying a short prayer. Half of my class has attention deficit issues so we cannot stay on one station too long. I'm thinking if we do it each week for the rest of Lent, it will sink in more and more. I'm happy "to meet you"! May God shower his blessings and graces upon you and your family!