Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Advent Wreath

I thought I would share a cute and easy Advent wreath project to do with your students or children.

Materials needed:
1 white chinette paper plate for each child
Green paint
Purple, pink, and yellow construction paper
Green tissue paper
4 craft sticks for each child

1.  Students paint their paper plate green. Let dry. (I use Chinette brand because it is much studier than a regular paper plate.)
2.  Make 3 purple candles and 1 pink candle by rolling construction paper rectangles into tubes and securing with tape.
3.  Dip tubes into glue OR make grass cuts at the bottom of each paper tube. Bend the cuts up and dip into glue.  Arrange the candles around the outside of the plate. Let dry.
4.  Glue tissue paper balls around the edges of the plate OR I have used cut pieces of green construction paper, too!
5.  To create the flame, students draw a flame shape upon yellow construction paper and attach to the top of a craft stick. Do this for 4 flames.
6.  Add a flame for each Sunday in Advent. Store the sticks upside down in each candle until it is time to celebrate each Sunday!
7.  Have fun!


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